Get ready to start sharing video on Facebook


Facebook is testing a new video feature that will enable its 1.5 billion users to use their smartphones to shoot video so that their friends can see what they are doing as it happens.

The California company didn’t specify when everyone with a Facebook account and a smartphone will have a chance to broadcast live but testing of the live video option is already ongoing among its U.S. audience.

This may well be Facebook’s latest challenge to online messaging service Twitter, which introduced a live video application called Periscope earlier this year.

In recent years, Facebook also embraced the hashtag symbol, a popular technique by Twitter for flagging major events and topics of conversation, and emulated an option to check into specific places that was popularized by Foursquare.

Another imitation, is the introduction of another feature called “Collage” that will automatically bundle photos and video taken in the same place or at the same event into a slideshow.

The idea copies a feature that Google introduced in its Plus social network years ago and imported into its Photo app six months ago.

The Collage option initially will be available on Facebook’s iPhone app before expanding on to its version for Android phones early next year.

Facebook is hyping live video and Collage as a dive forward in its attempt to bring its users closer together even though they may be miles apart.

Facebook acquired Oculus for $2 billion last year, probably its virtual reality technology is what CEO Mark Zuckerberg hopes to deploy that will transform Facebook video into more-lifelike encounter.

Some people have used live video to share shots of movies and pay-perview sporting events that are protected by Copyright, this could create legal problems for Facebook and copyright owners, based on what has happened with Periscope.

Copyright owners, monitor Periscope for violations of their rights and report to Twitter to block or take down videos.

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