When was Mpesa launched by Safaricom ?


When was Mpesa launched is what many of you have been wondering. On the 6th of March 2007 Mpesa was launched by Safaricom.

One Mpesa’s main shareholder is Vodaphone with 40% stakes. During its launch in Kenya, MPESA effectively dominated the unbanked market before other players like Airtel Money, Orange Money and Mobikash with over 60 000 agents making the platform ever-present in the country.

This helped increase the significant market share of the mobile money transfers to 17 million subscribers by December 2011 in Kenya alone.

Since Mpesa launched in 2007, its been running on an old platform, known as the G1 within Safaricom.

The G1 platform was hosted at Rackspace in Germany and was overwhelmed with issues including fiber optic outages and problems with transit providers, causing users to experience delays with the service.

A new platform known as G2 is today being used by Safaricom. This was made possible after Safaricom migrated the MPESA platform to its data center in Kenya, after two years of international conference calls, eight test runs and numerous hours of Safaricom’s 320 consultants.

Less than a month, between 31st March 2007 to 16th April 2007 Safaricom’s Mpesa active users had risen to 19,671. In November of the same year Mpesa hit it’s 1 million user with 1,041,522 mobile active Mpesa users.

With its popularity growing in both urban and rural Kenya, Mpesa became an economic wonder as it signed up it’s 2 millionth Mpesa customer on the 30th March 2008. 30th June 2008 saw its 3 million Mpesa User singed up.

By the 1st of January 2010 Mpesa deposit value had risen to Kshs. 25,270,000,000 BILLION. Withdrawals that were made by then were Kshs. 23,034,000,000 BILLION. Mpesa Transfers had hit Kshs. 23,986 ,000,000 BILLION.

Other Values amounted to Kshs. 712,000,000 MILLION. Airtime sold were valued at Kshs. 1,414,000,000 BILLION.

Currently MPesa agents commissions have increased by nearly a fifth last year to Sh14.6 billion, due to an increase in Mpesa money transfer subscribers.

KES 131.1billion Mpesa international money transfer was achieved in the year ended March 2016 as per data from CBK.

Safaricom launched MPesa services in Uganda, Tanzania in February 2015, there after Rwanda three months later after getting a cash remittance operating licence from the CBK in 2014.

Today, Mpesa’s growth has seen Mpesa deposit value of Kshs. 125,298,015,514 BILLION. Mpesa Withdrawals of Kshs. 107,065,238,244 BILLION. Mpesa Transfers of Kshs. 107,396,348,247 BILLION. B2C of Kshs. 29,303,669,495 BILLION. C2B of Kshs. 24,536,550,463 BILLION.

Airtime value of Kshs. 4,868,556,607 BILLION. M-KESHO Deposits Value of Kshs. 2,364,464,562 BILLION. Buy Goods Value of Kshs. 2,364,464,562 BILLION. IMT Value of Kshs. 1,011,196,047 BILLION.


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