Say goodbye to HD and hello to UHD


Ever since we laid our eyes on the first Kshs 1Mill 4K TV, we have been in love with the idea of owning an ultra-high-definition screen. One problem though has been the lack of 4K content hence their boring looping demos.

Thankfully, the stable trickle of 4K content has suddenly turned into a torrent. Netflix and Amazon now stream most of their top shows in
4K. In the UK, Sky and Virgin have released or announced 4K-capable boxes. You can also get a stream of 4K content on Youtube now.

There are also new versions of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One
supposedly on the way that will support 4K games.

From the million price tag now you can get a good 4K TVs from as little as Ksh300k to Ksh600k OLED knockout.

I guess we can now confidently say your next TV has to be 4K.

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